PlayerMetaData is a per-world, per-player persistent string key-value store implementing all methods of MetaData.

The granularity of the persisted snapshots is determined by the map_save_interval setting.

NOTE: Since PlayerMetaData is shared across all mods, it is considered good practice to prefix the keys set by your mod with your mod name plus a delimiter such as : to avoid collisions: The score field of a quest mod and a mobs mod f.E. might be called fancy_quests:score and fancy_mobs:score respectively.


Used to obtain a mutable PlayerMetaData reference.


  • player: A valid Player object

NOTE: Minetest requiring a valid player object means PlayerMetaData is only accessible while players are online; if you need per-player storage while players are offline, you can use ModStorage and save either a serialized table per-player or concatenate the keys of the per-player entries with the playername using a delimiter. Reusing the above example, fancy_quests:score might be stored as <playername>:score or as key-value pair with key <playername> and value minetest.write_json{score = ...} (or minetest.serialize) in ModStorage.

A feature request to make PlayerMetaData available for offline players exists;


  • meta - PlayerMetaData: Public & shared PlayerMetaData object for the player