This page lists various limitations that exist in the Minetest engine. This list could also be seen as a wishlist for far fetched features.

Running code on the client

Mods always run on the server, and not on the client. While there is a client modding API (with client-side mods, CSMs), they are very limited and require to be manually installed. The concept of SSCSM (Server-sent client side modding) would solve this but has not been fully implemented yet.

Checking arbitrary keys

There is no way to check arbitrary keys in the scripting API. You are limited to the existing keybinds that are available in get_player_control. Aux1 is a generic keybind that you could give a custom use for.

Changing node textures on the fly

While there are ways to e.g. colourise nodes using param2, you cannot change the texture of a node itself. You will need to register a separate node with different textures, and swap between these nodes.