Keeping World Compatibility

If your game or mod is stable and played by many players then it is a good idea to keep compatibility with old worlds as much as possible, in order to prevent unknown or glitched nodes showing up in players worlds.


Nodes and items support itemstring aliases, allowing you to alias an outdated itemstring to a new one.

minetest.register_alias('mymod:old_item_name', 'mymod:new_item_name')

This is also very useful for keeping compatibility when refactoring and/or namespacing technical mod names in a game:

for _, item in ipairs{
    "stone", "cobble", "dirt", "grass", -- etc...
} do
    minetest.register_alias('oldmodname:'..item, 'game_newmodname:'..item)


LBMs (short for Loading Block Modifiers) can be used to run a callback function on any given nodes in mapblocks that get loaded and activated. They can be useful for doing more complex migrations of nodes that don't just require an itemstring alias, e.g. updating a node's formspec:

    label = "Update Cool Block formspec to v2",
    name = "mymod:update_formspec_coolblock_v2",
    nodenames = {"mymod:coolblock"},
    run_at_every_load = false,
    action = function(pos, node)
        local meta = minetest.get_meta(pos)
        if meta:get_int('form_ver') < 2 then
            meta:set_int('form_ver', 2)
            meta:set_string('formspec', get_coolblock_formspec())