Game Namespaces

This page lists all namespaces used by games that are available on ContentDB.

Namespace Game
asuna_ Asuna
bb_ Blockbomber
bc_ Blockcolor
bldg_ Build Game
bnb_ Build'N'Buy
br_ Backrooms Test
cavegame_ Cave Game
cc_ Codecube
ch_ Colour Hop
ctf_ Capture the Flag
dreambuilder_ Dreambuilder
dssssa_ DSSSSA
fl_ Farlands Reloaded
glitch_ Glitch
gtb_ Grand Theft Box
hades_ Hades Revisited
ikea_ The Infinite IKEA
ip_ Insane Protestor
kl_ KetchupLand
klots_ Klots
ks_ KSurvive 2
lb_ limboarria
ld_ LuckyDude
lexa_ TowerDefense
ll_ Little Lady
lott Lord of the Test
ls_ LuckySweeper
lzr_ Lazarr!
mcl_ MineClone 2 et. al.
mesecraft_ MeseCraft
mf_ Minefall
minegistics_ Minegistics
mk_ MineKart
moontest_ Moontest
mtr_ spMeTeR
nc_ NodeCore
nv_ Nodeverse
piredo_ Piranesi Restoration
pk_ PanqKart
pkr_ Parkour
pxs_ Proxima Survival
rp_ Repixture
sd_ Spiraling Down
sm_ Subway Miner
sotm_ Secrets of the Moon
sss_ Secret Story of Spacetravel
ssp_ Secrets of the Space Parable
sudoku Sudoku
super_sam_ Super sam
tutorial_ Tutorial
vk_ Voxel Knights
vpet_ Adopt a Space Worm
void_ Void Game