Development Tools

This page contains a list of tools that are useful for developing games and mods for Minetest.

General Lua Tools


  • debug: Minetest mod library that offers more debugging capabilities.
  • LuaJIT Profiler: Minetest mod that allows you to profile mods using LuaJIT's built-in profiler and Flamegraph.


  • Schematic Editor: Minetest mod that allows you to import, edit and export schematics straight within Minetest.
  • MTS Editor: Standalone program to view and edit Minetest schematics, but it supports other file formats (e.g. Minecraft schematics) as well.
  • Lua2Mts: Minetest mod to convert .lua schematics to .mts schematics.

Perlin Noise

  • Perlin Explorer: Minetest mod that allows you to experiment with all sorts of perlin noise.

3D models

  • Blender: Essential for making animated models in Minetest, see Using Blender.
  • Blockbench: Useful for making static voxel models for Minetest.
  • NodeBoxEditor: External program to make nodebox models for Minetest.